CHHH Girlfriends

What is CHHH Club?

The CHHH Girlfiends Club is designed to empower women across the world who have purposed in their hearts to be the change our society needs. This group will promote women’s awareness issues through the medium of forums, workshops, trainings and blog sessions. It will also enhance women’s inner strength, allowing those who once felt forgotten, rejected, misused, abused and hopeless a sense of belonging.

How do I become a member?

Acquiring membership to this dynamic sisterhood is simple by following two quick and easy steps.

1. Filling out the membership application.
2. Paying a $29.95 membership fee.

Your membership is renewable annually. The $29.95 membership cost gives members access to forums, workshops, trainings, blogs and certain 100 women strong club paraphernalia’s. The forums, workshops and trainings are geared to educate women on how to tap into their sub conscience and unlock the power within to understanding their worth. Membership fees also aids in providing care packages to children, orphanages, women’s centers, and homeless shelters. In addition, the ability to host health screenings are made possible.

Stevanie Robinson
(CHHH Girlfriends Coordinator)