Caring Hearts Helping Hands is a faith-based charity organization that provides support and assistance to all people with the desire to help in the development of their spiritual, and soco-economic wellness. Our main focus are children, single moms, education and employment through training and job placement.

As part of our mission, Caring Hearts Helping Hands uses its resources to impact lives across the world and as such has successfully established chapters in countries such as United States, Jamaica and Belize. Caring Hearts Helping Hands recognizes the importance of a moral lifestyle and socio-economic improvement to create a safer world for the future, we endeavor to do so by ensuring our services and standards are compatible with the organization’s morals and Christ-like character.

Our Mission Statement:

To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being of families and children that are abused and neglected.

Vision Statement:

To combat poverty, hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, social injustice, racial and sexual prejudice and to create harmony among all regardless of race or station. To extend with great care and fiscal wisdom the financial bounties granted to us by the generosity of our community of donors and partners. To be the agent of change in creating a society that cherishes the values of ethics, intellect, kindness, and responsibility.