My name is Nikita Perez I am a thirty-one (31) year old Belizean. It’s so hard for me to write this as I am thinking about how to best summarize up my life for you to get to know me, as tears running down my cheeks. I was once a young lady that had been battling from so many brokenness just to think on the past am not sure how best to write it all out so you can get a good understanding. Nonetheless, I am a single mother since I birthed my son I had been pushing from job to job to support my son as best as I can and to make ends meet with Bill’s and food. There was a time that the only job that was available for me to was to learn how to do welding so I could make a little extra and to think of it I learned the basics of it and that was what I did a put my interest into learning because I had a little human being to take care of and to provide for. Through all that I had been through the abusive relationship to being jobless, I had a mother and father that told me Nikita you need to figure out what you really want to do with your life. I had been so stressed that I had turned to alcohol and marijuana to late-night parties and getting into fights in the streets. I reached a point where whenever I go out I would just not want to come home and face my own son to see or hear his cries about him wanting to know his father and why I don’t want to send him to his father but Nikita couldn’t take the pain of her son questions. I became an alcoholic to the point that I had done something that I regret every single day that I did. I then started a job at a gas station as a gad attendant later on I worked my way up and became a cashier. I had thought to myself that I was going to hold on to that job for years. That’s my plan but then it all turned out that wasn’t for me. I got fired due to covid-19 and I felt like my life came crashing down on me because then I didn’t know what I was going to do to help myself and my son. I was then left homeless and I had to live with my parents. They took me in and had helped me with my addiction and with my son. They are both Christians but their children walked away from the faith.

Then there came a turning point in my life where God stripped me naked to get my attention. The day I finally decide to face my son and answer his questions was the said day that my life changed. My little seven (7) year old child look at me with tears in his eyes and told me when will I stop drinking and go out and don’t know when to come home. When I heard those words I felt my heart as if though it was going to thump out of my chest. It hit me so hard I couldn’t even talk to him about what I was going to tell him. Instead, I went into the shower and cried my heart out but this cry was a cry of me asking God to take control of my life and to help me change. That said day I surrendered my life to the Lord and I started going to Sabbath church where I was once a member in my early childhood days. I later got baptized and fully begun my walk with God. I had walked away from God but I made a decision that I was going to serve the Lord and will not turn away again by the grace of God. I had made it my ultimate priority to do the Lord’s work. I gave up my old lifestyle and began walking with the Lord. Things had been hard for me but I trust in the Lord to provide for me and my son.

I had been searching this world and every time I came up empty but since I started walking with God I found a part of me that had been missing. I may have been broken but then God turned that brokenness into happiness.  I found a way on how I can deal with all my struggles. Instead of running to alcohol and marijuana I turn to Jesus and in prayer and I put my trust in Him for all my needs. Now I am teaching my son to do the same thing because from the day I found out I was with child I made a promise to raise a child who will become someone in society someday. I would rather stay without and let him have the best. And the best that I can and could give him is for him to know the Lord too.