Your gift of love is helping one family to see a brighter tomorrow.


Join Us and Become a Partner with CHHH
By identifying one purpose in changing and transforming lives

Here’s How can you help.

Caring Hearts Helping Hands (CHHH) has been providing hundreds of high school and college students with grants towards their educational endeavors since 2009. We have assisted students in the form of fees, college tuition, school supplies, etc. This is done both internationally and locally. (USA, Belize, and Jamaica)


Families are provided with food, care packages, toiletries, clothing, and hygiene items. Some are given an entrepreneurial boost to starting small businesses, opportunities to provide a second chance of employment.


Life-Saving Medical Assistance:
Caring Hearts Helping Hand provides assistance with health expenses such as prescription drugs, surgeries, and medical procedures to families that are in need.  Our caring helping Nurses Bay provides the medical attention and aids these families require to regain healthy lifestyles.  by offering free health clinics, and health education, Caring Hearts Helping Hands aims to contribute to a healthier society.


For families who live in deplorable conditions, Caring Hearts Helping Hands assists by constructing single-family homes from 450 sq feet to 750 a small, but safe and clean-living environment.


When your love of gratitude is extended in helping one child, a single mother/ father, a widow or a family, you have just become a life changer to these families and their communities. CHHH would love to continue to foster this partner with you in making this a purpose2life transformational building your donations and contributions is what is transforming lives.