Caring Hearts Helping Hands is currently seeking volunteers to help in various positions. Offer your time & talent in some of our critical areas:

Committee Member

A CHHH member is valued as a guide in delivering our MISSION, PURPOSE, and VISION. It’s a great role for community leaders or individuals who want to share the power of caring and helping through donations, gifts, and/or services.

Event/Fundraiser Planning & Assistance

Help the Organization raise money to help the major daily necessities of individual needs. We need volunteers to help plan and execute local and international events.

Office Help

Like any workplace, office helpers play a key role in our organization. See how you can lend your abilities in:

1. Mentoring
2. Sharing
3. Caring
4. Praying and sharing God’s Word with others
5. Answering calls

Public Speaking/Advocacy & Promotion

If you love the work of CARING HEARTS HELPING HANDS, please spread the word about our work in your community meetings and events.

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